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Hi! My name is Stacie, a twenty something wife, mom of two, substitute teacher, and creator of pretty things.  I try everyday to create something new (even if it's just dinner) and I hope to share that with you here.  I wanted to start a blog because I love to share my ideas and my kids would rather play than listen to my ideas.  This blog is about working with what you have and trying not to spend a lot of money (because honestly, who has any?) and making your house a family home.

This is seriously the only picture of just me we've taken in the last 6 months!

Little backstory:

The hubs and I married in the midst of Hurricane Ike (yes, on the beach!! kinda crazy I know!) and I wouldn't change it for the life of me!  

We have two amazingly wonderful children (and when I say wonderful it's because they are sleeping as I write this) whom we adore and want to teach and play and love for all eternity.  Okay that's a little obsessive, but you get the point? We love them, through and through, even when one certain little man dumps my entire tub of bronzing powder on the bathroom floor twice in a week.   

{We're still working on that pesky problem of getting 
   a brother and sister to sitnext to each other and look
    at a camera at the same time,not to mention keeping 
an 18 month old actually in the frame.}

For now, enjoy a moustache-d little fluff :)

Little Ms. Fluff forced herself (yes, forced, she was not going anywhere soon) in 2009 and very much enjoyed her single child status.  We disrupted that pleasure in 2012 when Little Man Fluff joined our family.  We are complete now. Plus we have two dogs, so we are about over complete.  The egg yolk is starting to harden, complete. 

little man fluff eating his heart out

Speaking of said dogs, Jack the Jack Russell (clever I know right?) and Gibson the mutt are well loved in our house (and by that I mean we let them sleep with us and our kids are not even allowed to do that). They do not do tricks but neither do our kids so we feel good about that.  We do dress them up just like the kids though, like below. 
oh yeah, we did that.

Our house is small, its what most would call a starter home. And most would live in this house and then move on.  Yet we love our neighbors and want to see our children grow up close to family and friends. Thus the dream to create a "family home" was born.

I'm not here as a professional, unless you count book reading as a profession, because then I totally rock! I just love to make our house look awesome without spending a whole lot; I love love love throwing parties, especially kids birthday parties (thank goodness I had two kids!).  We were finally able to splurge on a DSLR camera and now I am slowly teaching myself how to take pictures that don't suck (and don't worry, you'll get to see them!).  I love trying new recipes, especially ones with vegetables that my kids will actually eat (I got them to eat tons of squash and zucchini this summer, thank you garden!) and I love finding fun new ways to help those two kids grow into awesome big people.  

I want this blog to be an example for others who think that they can't throw their child a "pinterest worthy" birthday party, or make their house into something you would see in a magazine. I want people to believe that they can do whatever their hearts desire as long as they believe in themselves and use a little elbow grease (ok, probably a whole lot of elbow grease honestly).

I'm here to show off how we live, with our dinner recipes, seasonal decorations, some home remodeling, gardening, kids fashion, birthday parties, and lots and lots of DIY projects for around the house.  We are taking a journey to create a family home, and there's a place for everyone!

Drop me an email at polkadotfluff@gmail.com!

Thanks for visiting~

xo Stacie


  1. I love my neighbors too! what a coincidence! And i love that you gave a back story

  2. "Pinterest-worthy"parties are the worst. Can't wait to see how your blog evolves!!


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