February 27, 2014

A new Adventure

My daughter starts kindergarten next year.  Next year is also when my husband and I have agreed I'll join the workforce again (because one in daycare is a lot cheaper than two).  I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

I feel as though the job I choose will in some ways determine what kind of person I am.  There are so many things that I want to portray myself as.  Determined, creative, kind, personable, funny, intelligent.  I love being home with my children.  Yes, they know how to push every. single. button. I have, but watching them learn and grow and knowing that I have so much control over it all, just fills me with a profound joy.  I have decided that whatever I choose to do must involve some aspect of creativity.

If you follow me on Instagram (polkadotfluff), you have seen some of the t-shirts I started making the kiddos.  They LOVE them.  and slowly people started requesting them for their own kids (or theirselves!).  My sister suggested I open an Etsy shop, and I thought, well why not?

So officially, Polkadot Fluff is now also an Etsy shop! Please come and check out my designs.  I'm constantly adding new ones!  I take all kinds of custom orders and have tons, TONS of ideas.  Just need the time to bring them to life!! I am totally selling myself to you right now, and I'm not ashamed of it at all!  I want this shop to be my job.  I can be home with my children and I can be creative every single day.  I seriously enjoy making each creation, and seeing other people enjoy it is just amazing!

Thanks so much for letting me sell myself to you!!

xo Stacie

February 24, 2014

Party: A Fox 2nd Birthday

Our littlest recently turned two, and it's like a switch was thrown.  He has tried every bit of patience I have in my body.  But it's ok, he makes up for with his kisses and cuddles, so we'll let him slide this time.

You know those trends you see on Pinterest and you can only hope to be so cool?  Well I think I finally managed to "be cool".  I had big ideas for Little Man's 2nd birthday.  I'm talking arrows and teepees and little craft stations for all the kids.  Then I remembered that he's turning two and doesn't really have friends yet (he stays home with me all day).  So I backed up and went back to the drawing board.  Or as I like to call it, Pinterest.

I came up with foxes.  What's cooler than foxes right now? Probably a lot of things but do me a favor and keep them to yourself.  I wanted to keep it simple *read: cheap, so I choose two colors and an accent to mainly decorate with.  Then I set out to hand make anything I could.

Source List:

Cupcake toppers: handmade with card stock
Mossy Two: Cardboard letters and moss from Hobby Lobby
Paper Straws: Knot & Bow etsy shop
Glitter "2" candle: Dollar store candle covered in glitter
Goodie Bags: Bags from Hobby Lobby, handmade foxes
Fox masks: handmade
Fox sign: Handpainted
Marshmallow stand: styrofoam covered in moss from JoAnns

Here are a few photos taken during the party thanks to my wonderful neighbor :)

The girls loved Little Man's birthday present
please ignore my hideous face!! and apparently I have multiple chins 

 Little Man blew his own candle out and then tore into his gifts.  We are very blessed to have so many loving family and friends to surround us.

we three sisters, who dress alike and act alike :)
It's a troop of foxes! I totally googled what a group of foxes was called. 
 Thanks to much! I hope you enjoyed it and can reap inspiration from it all!

xo, Stacie

February 17, 2014

Word of the year: Content

I know it's been awhile on the posts. Don't give up on me just yet. Blogging is new to me and while I love doing it, daily life sometimes just gets in the way. Or I just get easily distracted. Either way I promise to be working on a better blogging schedule and more house updates.

We've actually been working on our main bathroom but have since halted said work while trying to decide just how finished we want to go this year (were slow we know). We've had another major milestone this past weekend as Little Man turned two!! If you follow me on Instagram (polkadotfluff) then you've already seen some awesome projects and birthday pictures! More to come this week I promise! 

I wanted to express my thoughts on 2014 so far. A lot if other way cooler than I'll ever be bloggers started the year by explaining their "word" of the year. A little late on the action but here's mine. "Content". To be content with ourselves is to be happy. I am always comparing myself to others. Especially other bloggers. Constantly putting myself down sayin I'll never be that good, I can never start my own business, I can never wear those clothes, etc etc etc. It's heartbreaking to me when I finally stop and look around at what I already have. I have everything I need to be happy. I just need to stop harping on myself. And be content.  

My children don't care what I wear (well sometimes Little Miss will exact her opinion upon me and it's not always complimentary). They are content to run around in fleece pants and a mismatched tee shirt (or naked as the newly two yr old seems to want to do every day). 

So for 2014 I will still strive for my goals.  Whether I reach them or not is on me and me alone. I will try my best to be content with all I have and not want what others have most likely strived and worked hard for.  I will be happy just doing what I love everyday, parenting, crafting, reading, being content. 

Xo Stacie 

February 7, 2014

Gifts: Valentine's Day for under $25

Valentine's Day doesn't have to involve candy or roses that die three days later.  For the same price you can treat your loved one to something they will keep around for a long time (well I guess you can count the pounds you pack on from all that candy as something you keep around for a long time, but let's not go there).  Even the dog can be treated this Valentine's Day! Here's my picks for Valentine's Day gifts under $25.

Valentines gifts

Valentines gifts by polkadotfluff featuring wood signs

Source List:

1. A super cute heart shirt for her.  Hellomerch.com $22
2. Something for the dog to destroy love. Wayfair.com $8
3. For him.  Because guys are hard to shop for.  Papersource.com $11
4. Something for that Little Lady in your life.  Etsy.com $11
5. What Little Man doesn't look dapper in a bowtie? Etsy.com $16
6. And don't forget to splurge on your woman.  She deserves more than just a t-shirt.  Etsy.com $15

I hope this Valentine's Day you get everything you want and more.  (Secretly I want chocolate.  But that t-shirt also looks very comfy.) Enjoy your weekend!

xo Stacie

February 5, 2014

DIY: Easy Pendant Banner


Holy bananas!  Who pissed off Queen Elsa?!  I don't know about you but ain't nobody got time for all this snow and ice we're getting around here.  I've been attempting to create projects around the house that require me to not leave the house. Mainly because I can't. Leave, that is.


Last night I whipped up this cute little pendant banner for Little Man's new big boy room. I'm just not cool enough to throw things in a room and make them look awesome, so I came up with a theme to keep me on track. His rooms theme is travel/little explorer. So this "brave" banner fits in nicely. 

All you need for this quick project is:

Felt- 2 pieces
A dowel rod 
Needle and thread or sewing machine


Start by deciding what you want your banner to say. Remember to keep it simple and short but fun!  Brave boys only barely fit!  After you decide your saying, trace the letters out on your felt. 



Fold your second piece of felt hotdog style and cut the felt into pendant shape. Place your dowel rod at the top and fold over the rod to form a tunnel. Pin your felt so that you can keep it at a straight line (or if you're a beast, eyeball that ish and then celebrate because you're a beast). Using your sewing machine, or by hand, sew a straight line on your folded over felt. When you're done, you should be able to stick your dowel rod all the way through. 



After carefully cutting out your letters while watching your oldest kid play in the snow through a window because your littlest doesn't like playing in snow up to his knees (or you could just cut the letters out. It's up to you), arrange them on your banner how you want them to look. Carefully apply the glue (I used tacky glue) so that when you press down the glue doesn't come squirting out the edges. Glue down all your letters and then tie your string to the dowel rod so you can hang it up!



Tada! Easy diy pendant banner! You can customize this however you want. And if I were to add up how much it cost, it would be under $5 but I had everything on hand from various projects and birthday parties. This is a great time passer if you are also stuck inside this week. Fingers crossed this winter storm is over soon!!

Xo Stacie


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