April 22, 2014

What Happened?!

real life right there.  Family photo attempt
So I've been neglecting this little part of my life over here.  This tiny little blog that I enjoy writing.  Why? What's happened?  Nothing major.  I just stepped back.  I lost focus of where I wanted this adventure to take me and ended up lost in the sea of blog land.  Stepping back made me realize a few things though.  First, I really do need the outlet.  This blog was meant to be my journal, but I let a few things get in the way.  Mainly, I let jealously get the best of me.  And self appreciation too.  So I wanted to talk about three things today: Jealousy, Self Appreciation, and Self Fulfillment.


I started this blog with the intention of using it as a kick in the rear to update our home.  To keep me motivated to keep up with the projects.  Yet as the months went on, and nothing new was being updated, because, hello, that costs money and we don't have money to spend on updates, I realized that Polkadot Fluff couldn't just be about home projects.  So I began crafting and cooking.  But most of what I posted was already done a thousand times over on Pinterest, and with better pictures.  Then our computer broke, then the camera broke, then I kinda broke.

Every time I got online (i.e. Pinterest) I was bombarded with these blogs.  Blogs that looked wonderful.  Blogs that had a million followers.  Blogs that people actually commented on.  Blogs that if I looked closely I would of realized had been around for years and had paid someone to make their blog look so wonderful.  But still I was broken.  I talked myself out of everything.  I just knew I could never be as good as those other bloggers.  And they were all friends!! And they all go to the same conferences and are always buying super nice things (because I might just stalk one or two on Instagram *don't lie, you stalk people too*) that I could never afford.  Oh the jealousy.  The green eyed monster reared its ugly head bad.  And that takes me to Self Appreciation.

Self Appreciation

"you is smart, you is kind, you is important"

YOU.  You are wonderful, and talented and beautiful.  In everything you do, even if you mess it up.  These are the words that I am telling myself everyday.  Because sometimes I forget.  That mean ol' jealousy gets the best of me and I give up.  Not anymore.  Even if my blog is not the prettiest, or my Etsy shop didn't get a sale, or my new adventure (Ahoy Amigo, more on that soon!) is taking longer than I thought, does NOT mean that I need to give up.  You are your worst enemy and that is the truth.  I am harder on myself that anyone else.  Not a single person has said one negative thing about any of those things I listed above.  Those negative thoughts are all in my head.  And they get me down.  And I get in a funk and stay living on Funk Street until I stop the jealousy and realize that I rock! Even if the only people that realize it are my family, that is enough.  (kinda, I would LOVE for the world to think I'm Awesome, come on, a girls gotta have goals)

Appreciate what you have and who you are.  Because you is smart, you is kind, you is important.  And don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Self Fulfillment

After realizing that jealousy is in my head and it's up to me to put a stop to it, and realizing I kick butt and take names (on days that I get a good nights sleep anyway), I come to Self Fulfillment.  It's up to me to make my own way.  No one is going to hand me success.  I have to work my tush off to make it in the big world.  And I will.  Just you wait.  It might take me another year to get going full steam ahead, but I will.  And when I do, watch out.

So back to the blog.  I want to take this baby in a new direction.  Instead of home projects, look for life projects and moments.  I'm a mom first and for most and that will take a lead in a lot of my posts. I still craft with my kids but mostly they are messes because they are four and two.  And cook? Ain't nobody got time for that.  Kidding, but now that it's finally warm out, I do enjoy grilling out.  A love of kid fashion might (no might about it, it'll be there) make an appearance or two.  But stay tuned.  I'm pretty hopeful that you will enjoy all I have in store for you!!

Enjoy, and thanks for sticking with me!

March 5, 2014

What I'm Loving: Easter Baskets

I feel as though Christmas was just yesterday.  Maybe it's the never-ending winter that everyone is so sick of hearing about that makes it seem so.  Yet, Easter is a mere month away!! If you're anything like me, you haven't even thought about what the Easter Bunny will be bringing, much less, the basket he'll stow everything in!  I've rounded up a couple of super cute baskets to make your life a tad bit easier!

Source List:

1. Etsy  $18
3. Etsy $24
4. Etsy $37
5. Target $12

You have plenty of time to order and customize these baskets!

xo Stacie

March 3, 2014

Spring clean like its not 15 degrees outside

It's that time of year again.  Yup.  I said it.  Spring Cleaning time.  I started my list a little early, or is it right on time but we've had such a never-ending winter that it just seems early?  Either way, when it does finally warm up here in Kentucky, the last thing I want to do is spend my days inside cleaning.  I can't wait to play outside without 16 layers of clothes on.

There are a ton of spring cleaning lists available via Pinterest.  Or you can be all cool like me and just write one down on a scrap piece of paper and then lose it three times.  OR you can get fancy and print this list out.

I found this list on Pinterest from Ballard Designs (have you seen their stuff? AWESOME!)  You can download a printable copy here.  

I'm actually going to print this list and tape it to every room in my house.  Maybe I'll actually finish this year.  Or not.  But a girls gotta have goals right?


□   Check the batteries in all smoke and CO detectors
□   Check and replace light bulbs
□   Clean air vents
□   Wash baseboards, doorframes and doors with mild soap and water
□   Dust light fixtures, fans and ceiling
□   Thoroughly dust shelves and their contents, including books and decorative objects
□   Wipe walls and touch-up with paint where necessary
□   Polish wood floors or wax non-wood floors
□   Clean and/or polish metal door and window hardware
□   Take area rugs outside and beat out trapped dirt and air out
□   Deep clean carpets
□   Clean window treatments: wash or dry-clean draperies and fabric shades, dust wooden blinds with damp cloth, wash vinyl blinds     with mild soap and water


□   Deep clean stove: replace reflector bulbs on electric stove, wash knobs and burners, soak and clean hood vents and run self-clean function or clean inside of stove and racks by hand
□   Dust refrigerator coils; vacuum between refrigerator and counters
□   Defrost freezer; clean out freezer and refrigerator and clean with baking soda and water
□   Dust the tops of cabinets and refrigerator; wipe down cabinet fronts
□   Clean inside cabinets and drawers
□   Clean out and reorganize pantry or cupboard; throw out expired items
□   Clean out food trap in dishwasher


□   Swap out heavyweight curtains and slipcovers for lightweight ones; wash or dry-clean winter linens before storing
□   Trade heavyweight pillows for light, bright ones
□   Clean out fireplace


□   Replace shower curtains and/or liners
□   Seal cracked tile or grout
□   Fix leaky fixtures or slow drains
□   Take down fan cover and wash with soap and water
□   Clean inside cabinets and drawers; discard expired medicines and cosmetics
□   Update first-aid kit


□   Clean out entry/mudroom closet and swap out winter gear for summer gear
□   Organize bedroom closets and replace cold-weather clothing with warm-weather clothing; wash or dry-clean garments before storing or donating them
□   Organize linen closet and replace worn out or stained towels and sheets


□   Rotate mattress (and flip if it’s not pillow top) to distribute wear evenly
□   Wash all pillows and bed skirt to rid them of stains, mold and bacteria
□   Replace cold-weather bedding with warm-weather bedding; wash or dry-clean bedding before storing
□   Organize bedroom storage spaces


□   Run white vinegar through the washing machine to sanitize and clear soap scum
□   Wipe out the inside of the dryer to remove lint buildup with a wash cloth dampened with mild soap and water
□   Wipe down the outside of both appliances
□   Vacuum or dust behind appliances
□   Wash or vacuum lint trap
□   Vacuum with a crevice attachment or use duster to clear lint from inside the dryer hose
□   Organize laundry room storage and cleaning supplies


□   Review and reorganize files: update policies and home inventory and shred unwanted documents
□   Clean out and reorganize drawers
□   Clean computers: wipe down computer and screen with dampened lint-free cloth and clean out keyboard using a can of compressed air
□   Back up your computer and delete unwanted files and applications
Enjoy and stay warm!
xo Stacie

February 27, 2014

A new Adventure

My daughter starts kindergarten next year.  Next year is also when my husband and I have agreed I'll join the workforce again (because one in daycare is a lot cheaper than two).  I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

I feel as though the job I choose will in some ways determine what kind of person I am.  There are so many things that I want to portray myself as.  Determined, creative, kind, personable, funny, intelligent.  I love being home with my children.  Yes, they know how to push every. single. button. I have, but watching them learn and grow and knowing that I have so much control over it all, just fills me with a profound joy.  I have decided that whatever I choose to do must involve some aspect of creativity.

If you follow me on Instagram (polkadotfluff), you have seen some of the t-shirts I started making the kiddos.  They LOVE them.  and slowly people started requesting them for their own kids (or theirselves!).  My sister suggested I open an Etsy shop, and I thought, well why not?

So officially, Polkadot Fluff is now also an Etsy shop! Please come and check out my designs.  I'm constantly adding new ones!  I take all kinds of custom orders and have tons, TONS of ideas.  Just need the time to bring them to life!! I am totally selling myself to you right now, and I'm not ashamed of it at all!  I want this shop to be my job.  I can be home with my children and I can be creative every single day.  I seriously enjoy making each creation, and seeing other people enjoy it is just amazing!

Thanks so much for letting me sell myself to you!!

xo Stacie


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