October 30, 2013

The Prince is in the House


I consider myself a pretty crafty person (hence the blog), but using a sewing machine has always been outside my realm.  Most likely because I didn't own one, and I have a short patience stick (no wonder the kids have zero patience).  But I gave in this year, and I bought myself a pretty cheap sewing machine that would fit my needs of making a few pillows and maybe attempting a pair of pj pants (high hopes, gotta have 'em).

Enter Halloween.  And a daughter who I will do anything for, and you've got me making an Ursula costume and a Prince Eric costume.  Why? Because to say that child is obsessed with the Little Mermaid is an understatement.  She asked me if she could be Ariel, her little brother Prince Eric and mommy? Oh I get to be the bad girl, Ursula (maybe I sent her to time out that day?), yay me!  Sidenote* she asked if daddy could be King Triton but it is too cold here for him to be running around shirtless.*

We decided to buy her Ariel costume from the Disney store because we are planning a trip to Disney in April (don't worry I'll post on that soon enough too) and I want her to have one I know will hold up.  And trust me, she's already wearing that thing every. single. day.  Prince Eric on the other hand? Nope, they don't sell toddler size Prince Eric costumes, at all.  Even the ones on Etsy.com were close to $100 and sorry, momma don't roll like that.

Even Pinterest failed me on tutorials for a Prince Eric costume.  Good thing Little Miss has a doll so I knew what he looks like all fancy and such.  I found this awesome tutorial of a Prince Charming costume that I followed closely, changing up where they differed (like the front of the shirt).  She does an awesome job detailing how to do everything, including linking back to how to make pants (which I totally used, first time sewing machine user over here).

I wasn't sure how to sew the gold lining on the pants, so I cheated and hot glued it on (he doesn't play dress up like his sister so he won't be wearing it a lot), along with the gold neck liner and cuffs.  I think for my first attempt at pretty much anything, I did a decent job. I wasn't brave enough to try making the fancy shirt with the tails that Prince Eric wears, so I bought a $4 long sleeve tee and went to town on that sucker.

I wanted to share this costume with you guys because there are so many times I see someones post on Pinterest and I drool (and drool some more), and then chicken out when it comes to actually attempting.  It wasn't that hard.  And the best part? I spent less than $17.  SCORE!! And don't worry, I'll update with a picture of Little Mister actually in the costume as soon as he will cooperate and wear it.  Happy Halloween ya'll!

xo Stacie


  1. This is amazing! Great job for not having used your machine much! WOW!
    Sherri | Thread Riding Hood

    1. Thanks Sherri! I kinda amazed myself too :) I will definitely be trying more things soon!

  2. This was so awesome! I applaud your craftiness!!!! one impressed momma :)

  3. Do you know how to do this in adult size? My boyfriend and I are having a Disney prom, I'm going to be Ariel and he will be prince Eric but I can't find this costume anywhere!? Where do you get all the material and such?

  4. hi my nikalynn do you do it in 3t size and can you email me nay2006nay@gmail.com

  5. I've been looking for this prince Eric costumes you are right they do not have it in toddler size ahhhh ! But I love the one you made awesome work!


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