November 1, 2013

Now that Halloween is over, Fall is back!

Well, I'm only about 15 years behind other bloggers in showing off my fall table.  And you'll have to excuse the Halloween decorations that snuck in there (they will hang around until Christmas, kinda like your in laws).  When I first asked the hubs to build me a console table, I had dreams of it going in the tiny foyer/hallway where our front door opens to the living room.  However, he likes to do things big (go big or go home, right?) and the table was too big for that spot.  People just wouldn't be able to walk around the table.  So its new home is in front of our stairs, kinda under our TV, but it houses the electrical equipment (cable box, dvd player, router, and a black box that I have no clue what it is or does) and little else.  SO I decorated it for FALL!!

Excuse the bad qualities of photos, like I've said before, I am 125% amateur and this table was hard to capture, maybe because it was so BIG!

I thrifted/ and or was given every single piece on this table except the lamp.  That baby came from Tarjay for a mere $14 (whaaaa? two separate pieces!) and I'm kicking myself for not buying more, but since I was just on a laundry detergent run, coming home with seven lamps might of been excessive.

Can't have fall without the foxes! My three year old is obsessed with that song and already knows all the words (trying to teach her the dance too but she's not going for it).  Every time we're out and see a fox she wants to bring it home, but even I have my limits.

How do YOU style a table that is not up against the wall? Send me some of your best work!!

xo Stacie

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