December 4, 2013

O' {wooden} Christmas tree


We've had almost zero Christmas decorations in our house for five years. There's a tree. And some pillows we found in the attic (I washed them), and that's about it. And to be honest it's never bothered me that much before because we don't host parties and all our friends are just starting out like us. But now my daughter is in school. And has friends. And a birthday in the middle of December. All that? Equals inviting strangers to my house (whom will hopefully all leave as friends). I go into a panic when it's just my mother coming over and try to speed clean my house (but with two kids running behind me destroying my progress I don't know why I bother). So I'm trying my best to make our home into a super cozy Christmas-y house that people walk into and say "oh where's my blanket and book, I just want to curl up on your couch it's so cozy in here". I know, I have high expectations.


Shew that was a long introduction for this post. I want to share our little wooden Christmas tree I whipped up in a day, mostly at naptime!  If you follow me on Instagram you've seen it there. She's a beauty and was so simple. All you need is a few scraps of wood, sand paper, green paint, brown paint, nails and a screw. To be truthful, I didn't even have brown paint. I had orange and black and voila! Brown paint! 



I sanded each piece after cutting them down to size (with a handsaw because I'm still nervous around power saws). Secure those pieces to your "trunk" and TA DA! A tree!! Paint it and then sand it down a little more to give it a rustic look. Screw a piece of plywood on the bottom (had the hubs do this for me, mostly because once I painted it I was done). Seriously. I told you it was simple. And the kids LOVE it too. It's "their" tree. 



When we found lights in the attic, the littles went bonkers trying to put them on the tree. I let them have at it and then just fixed it after they grew bored of decorating. They turn it off every night before bed like it's a special treat and that makes me happy. 



What simple craft has brought lots of joy to your kids, or you? Share with me!

xo Stacie

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