December 12, 2013

This is four


It's startling really how much my daughter reminds me of myself. I have to stop myself sometimes to remember that she is one giant sponge, soaking up my every movement and expelling it right back at me. I remind myself daily that she is little.  

Today. Today that little girl turns four. She doesn't notice the years flying by, the milestones she's passing with flying colors, the gray hairs she's giving her father and me. No, that little sponge is just soaking up her world. Content to play quietly with her barbies, or terrorize her little brother (who at almost two still doesn't talk and thus can't tell her that he's annoyed). She has a fierce yearning to soak EVERYTHING in, wanting to know why, how, when


Four has snuck up on me. When that little girl was placed in my arms the very first time, four seemed like twenty.  I felt as though we would never make it to four. 

Moms would tell you four was the golden age. The terrible twos a thing of nightmares, the sassy-ness of three? You drank that attitude under the table. Four was the goal you dreamed about as you pulled your hair out.  But we made it. Four. Finally. 

 It's hard to look back at the past without a smile on my face. Sure, those days that she drove me to drink (not really but damn close) are there. Boy are they there.  But for every tantrum, sassy remark, or complete disregard for anything that came out of my mouth, that beautiful curly haired girl had a smile, a hug, or a remark so far off the wall I almost peed my pants laughing. She makes every bad day disappear with just one silly gesture or kiss. 

I know the attitude is far from gone, she's my daughter after all. I will struggle tooth and nail with this strong headed girl. But I'm grateful for the opportunity. I want her to be strong willed, determined, and passionate.  I want her to make herself heard, just not in that screeching tone she likes to use right now.  I can already see the woman she will one day grow into. She has a distinct personality. Sitting in her room surrounded by books one minute, the next? She's acting out The Little Mermaid, every one of the characters, all her. And her imagination? Puts mine to shame, and I'm pretty proud of that aspect of myself. 

The past four years have flown by in a blur to me. I won't get all sappy on you and say, cherish it while you can, but seriously. Do that. She's four. Four!! 

We had ourselves a little photo shoot to capture the moment, in the cold.  She was bribed with not one, but two pieces of candy.  She was a champ, and I am sadly still an amateur.

Four is a new adventure here. An adventure I for one can't wait to embark on. First things first though, a cupcake for breakfast. You only turn four once right?


  1. Like! She's such an awesome little girl! :)
    - Brandi

  2. She's adorable, and the photos are lovely. You have a great eye! 4 is a super fun age, although I have to admit to liking big kids way more than babies :-) Every year is awesome and they all pass so very fast.

  3. love the photos and great read!! she will be so proud to read this one day :)


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