December 6, 2013

Santa don't forget about us down here

You know how when you're little and still believe in Santa? And how you're forever unsure how Santa know exactly where you are on Christmas? It's because parents make this super awesome "Santa stop here" sign. It's true, I read it on Wikipedia.

Seriously though, we had a Santa stop here sign growing up and I loved that thing! I thought it was the only reason Santa came to our house (because let's be honest, I was not good all year). He knew from that sign that there were children in our house and that he needed to stop.

This sign was super easy to make (with the help of a power tool wielding hubby).

He marked out the octagon in the size I wanted (which was big so Santa could see it from way up high) and used a circular saw to cut out shape. He used a piece of wood in our stockpile and cut a tip on it so it would be easy to put into the ground. Coupl'a screws later, you have a stop sign. 


Painting was the most time consuming thing of the whole project. I spent my time painting while watching one of those wonderful Hallmark channel Christmas movies (seriously, aren't those just great?). My handwriting is not that fabulous but I also haven't broke down and bought stencils yet either. Add a topcoat of polyutherene and it's now weather proof (although this "huge" ice/snow storm we are supposed to get this weekend will be the first true test). 

I had fun making this, it was simple, the kids thought it looked cool and it was just big enough that they couldn't pick it up and whack each other with the sign. Maybe in a few years. 

How old are you kids and do they still believe in Santa??

xo Stacie

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