February 17, 2014

Word of the year: Content

I know it's been awhile on the posts. Don't give up on me just yet. Blogging is new to me and while I love doing it, daily life sometimes just gets in the way. Or I just get easily distracted. Either way I promise to be working on a better blogging schedule and more house updates.

We've actually been working on our main bathroom but have since halted said work while trying to decide just how finished we want to go this year (were slow we know). We've had another major milestone this past weekend as Little Man turned two!! If you follow me on Instagram (polkadotfluff) then you've already seen some awesome projects and birthday pictures! More to come this week I promise! 

I wanted to express my thoughts on 2014 so far. A lot if other way cooler than I'll ever be bloggers started the year by explaining their "word" of the year. A little late on the action but here's mine. "Content". To be content with ourselves is to be happy. I am always comparing myself to others. Especially other bloggers. Constantly putting myself down sayin I'll never be that good, I can never start my own business, I can never wear those clothes, etc etc etc. It's heartbreaking to me when I finally stop and look around at what I already have. I have everything I need to be happy. I just need to stop harping on myself. And be content.  

My children don't care what I wear (well sometimes Little Miss will exact her opinion upon me and it's not always complimentary). They are content to run around in fleece pants and a mismatched tee shirt (or naked as the newly two yr old seems to want to do every day). 

So for 2014 I will still strive for my goals.  Whether I reach them or not is on me and me alone. I will try my best to be content with all I have and not want what others have most likely strived and worked hard for.  I will be happy just doing what I love everyday, parenting, crafting, reading, being content. 

Xo Stacie 

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