February 7, 2014

Gifts: Valentine's Day for under $25

Valentine's Day doesn't have to involve candy or roses that die three days later.  For the same price you can treat your loved one to something they will keep around for a long time (well I guess you can count the pounds you pack on from all that candy as something you keep around for a long time, but let's not go there).  Even the dog can be treated this Valentine's Day! Here's my picks for Valentine's Day gifts under $25.

Valentines gifts

Valentines gifts by polkadotfluff featuring wood signs

Source List:

1. A super cute heart shirt for her.  Hellomerch.com $22
2. Something for the dog to destroy love. Wayfair.com $8
3. For him.  Because guys are hard to shop for.  Papersource.com $11
4. Something for that Little Lady in your life.  Etsy.com $11
5. What Little Man doesn't look dapper in a bowtie? Etsy.com $16
6. And don't forget to splurge on your woman.  She deserves more than just a t-shirt.  Etsy.com $15

I hope this Valentine's Day you get everything you want and more.  (Secretly I want chocolate.  But that t-shirt also looks very comfy.) Enjoy your weekend!

xo Stacie

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