February 24, 2014

Party: A Fox 2nd Birthday

Our littlest recently turned two, and it's like a switch was thrown.  He has tried every bit of patience I have in my body.  But it's ok, he makes up for with his kisses and cuddles, so we'll let him slide this time.

You know those trends you see on Pinterest and you can only hope to be so cool?  Well I think I finally managed to "be cool".  I had big ideas for Little Man's 2nd birthday.  I'm talking arrows and teepees and little craft stations for all the kids.  Then I remembered that he's turning two and doesn't really have friends yet (he stays home with me all day).  So I backed up and went back to the drawing board.  Or as I like to call it, Pinterest.

I came up with foxes.  What's cooler than foxes right now? Probably a lot of things but do me a favor and keep them to yourself.  I wanted to keep it simple *read: cheap, so I choose two colors and an accent to mainly decorate with.  Then I set out to hand make anything I could.

Source List:

Cupcake toppers: handmade with card stock
Mossy Two: Cardboard letters and moss from Hobby Lobby
Paper Straws: Knot & Bow etsy shop
Glitter "2" candle: Dollar store candle covered in glitter
Goodie Bags: Bags from Hobby Lobby, handmade foxes
Fox masks: handmade
Fox sign: Handpainted
Marshmallow stand: styrofoam covered in moss from JoAnns

Here are a few photos taken during the party thanks to my wonderful neighbor :)

The girls loved Little Man's birthday present
please ignore my hideous face!! and apparently I have multiple chins 

 Little Man blew his own candle out and then tore into his gifts.  We are very blessed to have so many loving family and friends to surround us.

we three sisters, who dress alike and act alike :)
It's a troop of foxes! I totally googled what a group of foxes was called. 
 Thanks to much! I hope you enjoyed it and can reap inspiration from it all!

xo, Stacie


  1. The decorations are awesome! Great work...truly a pinterest party! Happy birthday to your little guy!

    1. Thanks Alissa! It was a ton of fun to create and party!

  2. What about a game? I need a fox themed game for 1st graders!

  3. What about a game? I need a fox themed game for 1st graders!

  4. Where did you find the glass to paint the fox? And what kind of paint did you use?


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