January 1, 2014

Happy 2014

 *this post has no pictures because I took two weeks off with my family and never once picked up the fancy camera. Sorry!!*

I ended 2013 on a great note, with my loved ones and embraced by my husband. I hope that yours ended very similar. 2014 brings a new beginning of sorts (except for bills. They don't care that it's a whole new year). 

A new year is about redefining your goals. It's unattainable to say "I will reinvent myself" because you are who you are. No, a new year lets you look back at what you did that worked, and undeniably, what didn't. 

2013 was a long ride of ups and downs. Our daughter turned four, our son one. The love each other to death. And I mean it. Affection turned deadly. I know it's a phase, part of life, etc, but man, when does it end? When does the playing together and enjoying one another's company without hitting occur? Oh wait, never mind. I have sisters. It never ends. 

This new year I hope for many things. Number one on my list of goals (and yes I write that list and tape it to the fridge) is to become a better "us" with my husband. Kids and life drain you, they really do. All I want to do as soon as the kids are in bed is go to sleep and so does the hubs (who works way harder than I do). This year we are going to try to reconnect, with communication, with more date nights, more fun just the two of us. I'm looking forward to this goal. 

Next on the list? Stop yelling. The kids fight so much I feel like a ringleader. Yelling "to your own corners" multiple times a day (don't worry they don't actually fight this bad, yet). I want to try to work on my own patience. Kids are sponges and they absorb our own behavior and dish it back out to us. Working on myself will only benefit them, and the dogs too. They get yelled at a lot too. 

I want to be selfish in 2014. I want to put some of my own needs before others. Sure, this sounds really bad, but moms, when was the last time you went to the grocery and bought yourself a treat? Or went to Target and bought yourself something (other than toilet paper, that totally doesn't count). I want to make myself happier, because by doing that, my whole family will be happier. 

So 2014. I will make you mine. I have dreams for this year. Sure they might not all happen (like convincing the hubs that the kitchen would look better with white cabinets) but a girl can dream. And dream I will. You should too, because what are we without dreams? (The correct answer is robots.)

What are you plans for the new year?

xo Stacie


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