January 3, 2014

An Under the Sea Mermaid party

*warning, I just photo bombed the crap out of this post!*

Over the summer our family went on an awesome vacation to the Florida Keys.  And we drove there.  From Kentucky.  All 17 hours.  It was a wonderful time spent with my entire side of the family all on the beach together.  On the way home we stopped in Tampa and spent time with my grandmother.  The kids were awesome in the car on the way to Tampa.  So we decided not to chance it and bribed the then three year old.  What did she want? An Ariel party.  Her birthday is in December so I (being one who hates all things characters splashed all over the place) just figured she'd forget about the whole thing.  We're talking six months.  Did she you ask? No.  Not. At. All.


Can't have an Ariel party without a "dinglehopper"!

A hand drawn giant Ariel coloring sheet kept the littlest kids entertained while the older ones played together.
Please ignore Ariel's horrible mouth and hand, I finally realized the kids would not care so I shouldn't either.
So enter a Little Mermaid party without being oppressively Ariel-ified.  I know she wouldn't of cared either way if there were pictures of Ariel everywhere you turned, but I just can't do it, just can't.  It's my own preference and I'm okay with it, and the family is beginning to understand too (although they loaded her up with some Princess shirts at Christmas and I've even been nice enough to let her wear them, to bed).  We choose the theme of Under the Sea Mermaid, it encompasses the movie without me having to print off ten thousand Ariels.

We made some super easy and tasty "sea glass" using this recipe.

homemade salt water taffy was a big hit with the younger crowd (very sweet)
purple pearl sixlets were often swiped by the younger brother *can't say I blame him*

I let her pick the colors for the party because I'm not a complete control freak (yes I am, who am I kidding).  She picked teal and purple, which might of been because she was holding an Ariel doll at the time and that's what she was wearing.  I added gold because I am slightly obsessed with that color right now.  I took it and ran.  Literally.  These kids just follow me everywhere so I have to run away and hide a lot if I want to play on Pinterest all day.  (totally kidding, sorta.)

a tissue paper garland that was super easy to make decorated the dessert table
So I was blessed with six months to plan for this little misses birthday party (to which I only actually did any planning the last month).  Having that much time to think about pin ideas on Pinterest and then forget about, gave me time to shop cheaply.  I'm happy to say I spent WAY less on her party by planning a little earlier than I would of.  I also made almost everything that I possibly could, including the party favors and candy!

oh look I finally finished that gallery wall I've been talking about for months!
blue kool-aid served as "sea water" which the kids loved!
barnacles, get it? :)

I completely forgot to save an invitation to post on here.  They were a true labor of love and I will probably never make invitations again.  We used card stock and cut out a billion sea shell shapes.  Add some glitter and a puff paint pearl, some ribbon and you have a beautiful shell invitation.  I used this picture from Pinterest for inspiration.

I always go slightly overboard on the dessert table and this party was no exception.  Homemade candies, cupcakes, cake, chocolate covered pretzels, oreo balls.... we feasted on some sweets.

A gift table decorated with paper garlands and goodie bags.

super easy paper garland.  Seriously these are going to be a stable from now on.

 Party favors were simple but fun! Hand painted Prince Eric and Ariels all around!  And let me tell you, these took forever to make but I was lazy about it and laid in bed watching Hallmark Christmas movies while painting these bad boys.  Little Miss still plays with her Ariel (Prince Eric is not cool because he is not a princess).  Parchment paper bags with gold polka dots contained all the goodies (including the array of candy on the dessert table).

Although this party took a while to plan, I had so much fun pulling it all together.  We had a blast during the party, I never even picked up my camera!! And clean up was actually very easy compared to past parties so I was one happy momma.  And the smiles on Little Misses face were priceless.  She loved it all, especially when all her friends showed up.

Little man's birthday is in a month.  I just got started with ideas.  But he's two, he doesn't care.  He just wants to lick icing off cake and open presents (it's the little things in life ya know).  I promise I will take better pictures of his party ( it is one of my New Year's resolutions you know!) and hopefully we'll have this computer fixed up so I can actually edit them!

Thanks for making it through this long photo bombed post! Hope you have a great weekend!

xo Stacie

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  1. This is my sister's favorite theme. It's sweet, colorful and just suits a kid's innocence. Glad to be exploring the net and found great Little Mermaid birthday party ideas like this. THis is going to be my niece's party theme next year. yehey <3 God bless always! I would love to pin some photos from this post hope it's find with you.


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