January 10, 2014

Easy Artwork for a Little Ladies Room

I told myself that this year I would kick butt on writing posts.  At least three a week, if not more.  I am officially breaking my resolution on January 10th.  I am that person.  Life happens, I won't make excuses, although we have valid ones.  Mainly, I haven't really done much lately.  A mermaid birthday and Christmas in the same month have wore me out.  I put my sewing machine away for the party and haven't taken it out yet.  

Today I have a simple art project that I whipped up in, oh, five minutes for Little Misses room.  

All you need is a small canvas (got mine at Michael's as a two pack and with a 50% off coupon it was only 3.50), a cute-shaped hole punch (also at Michael's in the dollar bins), a ruler, and those wonderful paint color cards that when you swipe them you feel as if you are stealing and look around to make sure the workers are not watching you as you stuff them in your bag.  Or make your kid swipe them as I did.  And a pencil and some glue.

The most time consuming thing about this project is punching out the shapes you want.  I only had the little tiny butterfly punch on hand so that is what I used.  I decided instead of lots of colorful shapes to do an ombre effect.  I used a color swatch card that has the three different colors on it for mine.  I only needed four cards total so in hindsight, the 50 plus cards I swiped made Little Miss swipe, were not needed, but I'm sure I can find a good use for them sooner or later.

Using your ruler, mark out where you want each shape.  Or if you are a boss, you can just eyeball it.  I'm not that good....yet.  I will be a boss one day. Then just glue your shapes down.  Ta-da! Told you it took about five minutes.  I honestly thought my punch was ten times bigger than this, but Little Miss thinks it's cool and thats all that matters.  

I'm working up my nerve to post pictures of what my house actually looks like (even though most readers are my family and they know already) because I'm trying really hard this year to not compare myself to others, and to covet what they have.  So I want to be realistic for you guys, because the majority of America is not rich, does not have a perfect house, and most likely the way the economy is, never will.  So I vow this year to be realistic and show how "normal" awesome people like me live and try to make their house a home (you know, what I set out to do in the first place here).  So this weekend I will be psyching myself up to post those horrendous photos.  Watch out!!  

Y'all have a great weekend!

xo Stacie


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