January 24, 2014

"Dino"mite valentines + Free Printables!

*please excuse my horrible iphone photos, the nice camera is on its way to the shop for repairs, apparently two year olds and nice things don't mix*

Now that Little Miss is in "school"(Mother's Day out), I get a little too excited about all her class parties and the holidays she gets to celebrate with other little people. Valentine's Day is no exception.

I will willingly admit I'm one of those moms. The ones who don't like to keep junk food in the house. Who try their hardest not to give their kids candy. And mostly it's a personal choice. Because if there's a box of Oreos in the pantry I will eat them all and not share a single one (because Oreos + kids = huge mushy chocolate mess. Am I right?!). So I wanted to give out cute little valentines with no candy. Because let's face it, they will get enough from their grandparents. 


We have a ton of little plastic dinosaurs laying around the house. So I hunted down all the cute colorful ones (those things will hide everywhere, they're sneaky!) and of course I consulted Pinterest for inspiration. I came up with this design and I made it into a free printable just for you!

(Please let me know if it doesn't work, I've never done this before! Learn new things everyday!)  


Supplies needed:

Pack or two of Dollar Tree dinosaurs 
Hole punch 
Friends to give them to :)


I hope your little Valentine enjoys these as much as mine does. She already asked if she can have one sent to her as well. 

Xo Stacie 


  1. Love the valentine cards! Great idea with the no candy thing ;)

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