January 20, 2014

Travel Toddler room

We recently moved Little Man from his crib to his big boy bed.  He's done great, as long as you don't count the fact that now I have to rock him to sleep for naptime (he doesn't care for bedtime though, explain that one to me), not that I mind, he is my last after all.  The hubs wanted Little Man to have a cool car bed, something he always wanted as a little kid but never got (you know how we parents like to live vicariously through our children).

 I agreed to a toddler sized car bed, because I just don't like them.  Decorations for a room with a car bed in it are very limited.  You could go with the ever classic Cars theme, or a racing theme.  Both options have limitless possibilities, but I really wanted something that once he outgrows that toddler sized bed, he can still grow with the room without me repainting or redecorating a ton.

I decided to go with a Travel/Explorer theme.  I love the look of vintage maps, and wood planked walls (never gonna happen) and wanted to translate that into Little Man's room.  Plus, maybe he will get a travel bug and explore the world one day (I can have high hopes for him, I'm a mom, it's my job).

I pulled together a little Polyvore inspiration board to help keep me focused and in the right direction when finding pieces that work for his room.

travel room inspiration

I'm a thrifter (my computer tells me thats not a word, but I use it all the time so my computer is just wrong), so it takes time to find things to complete a room (and what room is ever complete?).  I can't justify going out and spending $100 on wall art.  I'd rather make it myself.  And it does take a while, this can't be a weekend project (unless you get super lucky at a thrift store, in that case, lucky you!!), I've actually been working on his room for a month now.

Thanks for reading!

xo Stacie


  1. a place to buy maps may be the Dollar Store or see if parents or relatives have any of the old Exxon maps that used to be free at gas stations! Or, wrapping paper with maps as the design...try Amazon...they have everything!
    Cousin Barbara, Texas

    1. Thanks Barbara! Those are some great ideas! I like the wrapping paper one, I could cover old diaper boxes for storage!!

    2. Our goodwill has stacks of old rand mcnally road atlases. Maybe yours does too?

      Also, our entire back room is wood planked walls (and in Drew's room the ceiling is, too!) and it was super cheap and easy to put up over existing walls. Lowes sells 8ft pine boards in 10 packs that are already cut to tongue and groove, I think a package was $9 maybe. They're thin, and you just nail (or glue) them in place. Maybe you could do one small wall (around a closet or door perhaps) as an accent wall?

    3. I love the wood planked ceiling look! Convincing the hubs is the hard part but I will wear him down soon :)


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