November 20, 2013

Anthropologie inspired monogram ornaments

I'm obsessed with the store Anthropologie. But I don't allow myself to go inside one. It's too tempting to buy everything in stock. And that stock ain't cheap (yup I just said ain't, it's serious). I found these adorable little pompom ornaments online and just couldn't help myself! 

But at $8?? Each?? Seriously??

So I made my own. For less than a dollar each. Seriously. 

Now from the picture it looks like they made theirs from wool. Me? I used embroidery thread, because at Walmart? They sell it for 30 cents. Can't beat that (plus they didn't sell wool roving, I looked). 

Supplies needed are: 
   Embrodiary thread (Walmart sells for .30)
   Cardboard letters (I got mine on clearance for around $1 at Michael's)
   Mod podge
   Tacky glue
   *I also used baker's twine for the loop but extra embrodiary thread works too. 

First things first, glue on your loop. You want the thread to cover it so it's extra secure. Then (now, this is the hard part), wrap the thread all around the cardboard letter. Secure the ends with the tacky glue. 

Next up are the balls, oops I'm sorry, I mean the pompoms. Easy but messy. 

Cut about an inch an a half to two inches of each color of thread you want. Then separate each color into two's (so you'll end up with three sets of each color). Using about a fingertip of mod podge, coat a set of thread and then roll it into a ball. 


By the time you are done with all the colors, the mod podge will have dried (on the pompoms and on your fingers) and you can attach them to your letter with the tacky glue. 

And TA-DA! You have a super cute monogrammed pompom ornament that did not cost eight smackaroos. These were so easy to make, I did mine while watching tv. In bed. 


What will you do with your ornaments? I'm thinking of using mine as gift tags. 
p.s. that totally cute glitter tree they are hanging from in the pictures? A stick. From my backyard. Free ninety-five. That's what I'm talking about. 

xo Stacie

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