November 15, 2013

Giving new life to those old accessories

Something bad happened at the Fluff household recently. Someone broke into my house and broke my favorite new wood bowl. I know it wasn't one of my lovely children because they are just perfect angels ( yeah right, I was standing right there when it happened). Don't get me wrong, I wasn't very broken hearted seeing as I paid a whole stinkin dollar for the bowl but boy was she perdy.

Ignore the beautiful iPhone pic, didn't know this beauty would be a new project. 

So after the unfortunate accident of the bowl being broken by a certain little man, the hubs figured he could fix the bowl. A little gorilla glue and the hubs put humpty back together again.

Gorilla glue dries white though in case you didn't know (I didn't). And since the bowl is wood, once I sanded down the glue area I would literally have to sand the entire bowl down and restain it. Ain't nobody got time for dat (is that still cool to say? I feel so out of the loop, I still say "that's what she said"). 

Enter craft paint and my new found love of all things gold. This simple craft can be done on any bowl. Slather a few coats of white paint on the inside and it's ready to party. *side note: I'm going to have to add a coat of poly-whatever as the little culprit man used it as a train depot and the white is scratched in some places. 

Using painters tape, I wrapped it around the outside of the bowl just below the glued part. You have to use tiny pieces of the tape to keep the line straight all the way around. In an effort to not buy any supplies (which of course I since have) I used a gold poster paint marker. Let me tell you something. Use those things on a well ventilated room because sheesh. Those. Things. Stink. The second oat around I used a poly brush and swept around the paint to get rid of the pen marks. 

This simple little update makes me smile. It brings a little bit of gold into my color pallette for the living room and since all supplies were on hand already. It was free (well it was a dollar, yes a dollar, for the bowl). Updating old accessories you have on hand already is a great idea to give them new life and make them more "cool".

What are some things you've updated lately?

xo Stacie

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