November 13, 2013

Put a little glitz on that mirror

I'm on a mission this year to make Christmas my you know what. Little Miss is four (well in Dec. she is) now and notices things. And questions them. Boy does she question them (and remembers my answer too!!). So I'm preparing for a season of advent calendars, cookies for Santa, letters to Santa, elf on the shelf? Yup. Got him too. And I'm pretty sure I am just as excited as she is. And we're ready around here. It snowed yesterday and the first thing out of her mouth was "does this mean it's Christmas now? Did Santa come?"

So I've started gathering the projects I want to complete to make our house so full of Christmas cheer you're shaking it out of your hair on Valentine's day. Well maybe not that excessive. 

First project of the Christmas season? I little ornament mirror. I see those beautiful ornament wreaths EVERYWHERE and I will probably join the cult bandwagon and make one too, but I wanted to try something a little different. 

You can find these mirrors in almost every thrift store. And cheap too. Because they are not made of real wood, but plastic. This little guy cost me three dollars. And while I really want two to even them out on the wall, one is enough for now. Those bigger ornaments? Dollar store. I only needed four tubes to complete it. The other smaller ones came from hobby lobby for $3 a piece. You might be able to find them cheaper at Walmart but I just haven't gone there in a while and didn't want to make an unnecessary trip. You can use any ornaments you want to match your decor (our tree is silver and blue so I wanted to coordinate, even though I'm LOVING the gold this year). 

A ton of hot glue (or less if your gun isn't made for midgets like mine is) and you are set. I was kind of rushing to finish this before the sun set (which I failed because I ran out of ornaments) so mine isn't as perfect as I want it to be.  However I love the effect. I'm tempted to hang it on my door as a wreath! It's just something simple and fun. And it cost only $13! You can't even buy one of those fancy ornament wreaths for that (and if you can, can someone send me the link?).

Do you like how I accidentally focused on the ceiling in the mirror? Oops, guess I need to work on that skill now!!
I plan on making a second one mirror so that this one isn't lonely. But first I need to go to the thrift store and find another mirror!

What's your first project for Christmas? Have you already set up your tree?

xo Stacie

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  1. I love this! sorry, been away for a bit but since i missed lots of cool stuff :) mirror looks fantastic. i love the different sizes, colors, and textures


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