November 18, 2013

Turkey meatloaf so good your husband will think it's beef


We've always been beef lovers at this house. Yet when our children grew teeth and became carnivores like the rest of us, our tastes needed to shift. Red meat is great, tasty filling greatness. But not super healthy. I want our kids to grow up with diverse taste buds (including those pesky vegetables no one ever wants to eat). So we buy turkey meat. A lot. Not only is it slightly healthier, it's cheaper!!


I make lots of things with turkey meat that I would normally make with ground beef. My favorite? Meatloaf. The hubs was so nervous when I first pulled it out of the oven that it wouldn't be near as good as beef. And it took a few tries, but I got this 'ish now. Now when I make it, I don't tell him it's turkey until he's had a bite and remarked on how good it tastes. Oh yeah. High five to me. 

Let me share my secret recipe with you. 


Combine all the ingredients together but the ketchup and mush (that's a technical term there folks) it into a loaf shape in your pan. Cook for an hour and a half to an hour forty-five minutes (or if you have one of those fancy meat thermometers turkey is done at 145 degrees f). 


Sometimes I switch it up and add onions and peppers, but I don't always have those on hand (honestly I just hate cutting onions). 

The kids eat every bite (ok not all the time because they are three and one and comeon) and sometimes ask for seconds!  Meatloaf is a great comfort food and why not make it a little healthier?


How do you like your meatloaf? What are your favorite side dishes?

xo Stacie


  1. I make a pretty good meatloaf. I mix up a ketchup and brown sugar sauce to top it with and it is YUM.

  2. Looks really good, will have to try this!

  3. ok, this is on my menu for next week. I have made (tried and failed) a turkey meatload before and have been scared to try again! Thanks for mixing up my recipes and fingers crossed!


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