November 4, 2013

What Halloween taught me

 I had this idea in my head that for Halloween I'd make costumes and the whole family would walk down the street hand in hand and everyone would exclaim "oh my look at that family! So lovely!"

When Little Miss said "mommy I want to be Ariel and brother Prince Eric and you be Ursula and daddy King Triton" I said "well of course!"  I was gung-ho about making everyone in the house a costume, pinning away the best ways to do so.  

Then a bit of reality hit. Homemade Ariel costumes are super adorable, don't get me wrong, but I wanted something that I knew would last better than what I could make (only used the sewing machine twice over here). So I thought, ok we'll buy her costume since a trip to Disney world is already in the making (feel bad for our wallets now). 

So off I set to make three costumes. And let me just tell you I'm a procrastinator. So I waited and waited. And finally two days before Halloween I finished my Ursula costume and the Prince Eric costume. Daddy got left out (isn't that how it normally goes?) but he was ok with because the idea of running around with no shirt on and a skirt just wasn't his cup of tea. 

Since it took so long to finish the costumes we didn't attend any special trick or treating events (our zoo has a pretty cool one we usually hit up). And I was ok with that. Until I checked the weather report. And we were predicted to have tornados. Yes tornados. On Halloween. Now when I was a kid I went out in the snow with no complaints, but never in weather that could produce tornados. So every city around ours changed their trick or treating dates to the next day (Friday). Our Halloween night was spent inside watching a movie and handing out candy to the five (yes five) kids and parents who braved the wind and rain. The kids didn't say one word. No whining to go out, no crying, nothing. I give credit for that to the movie we choose (The Croods-super funny). 
Real classy here: 

We are lucky enough that the grandparents live in the next city over and so on Friday we headed to their neighborhood for trick or treating fun. The city actually set a time for the evening but we weren't sure what it was. And here's where my lessons started. 
There was no walking hand in hand. Little miss took off with her cousin ten steps in front of the parents looking for houses with their lights on. Little mister? Oh his pace was two steps forward, three sideways, then four backwards. Carrying him? Nope. Wasn't happening (besides, then how could anyone check out his adorable costume?). And people commenting on the loveliness of our super cute Little Mermaid family? Didn't happen once. 

And because we headed out early and had four little ones in tow, we headed back early too. With no complaints. After that we sat on the grandparents porch. Little Miss had as much fun handing out candy as she did trick or treating. She actually was so sad when the kids were all gone! 

So what did Halloween teach me? For one, lower my expectations. For another? Kids will surprise you! Did I ever in a million years think my almost four year old would rather give candy than receive it? No. But seeing her do that made me a proud momma. Last thing I learned? The holidays are not about me anymore. No one cares that I spent a million hours agonizing over costumes, decorations (which no one saw on Halloween because of the weather), and how my kids will act. We had a great Halloween and so did the kids and that's all that really matters. 

How was your Halloween? Did bad weather effect you? Did you let this silly holiday stress you out like I did? Would love to hear from y'all!!

Xo Stacie


  1. We spent Halloween waiting in line forever to go trick or treat at the fire department because of the weather, finally we got tired of being in line and bribed Lilly and my nephew Hunter to go to Walmart and pick out their own bags of candy...they didnt argue. Then Friday we also went trick or treating AGAIN! So glad halloween is over this year!

    1. Oh no! We thought about doing the firehouse thing but figured so did everyone else! Glad we skipped it and had movie night! And a whole bag of candy? You are too nice!! I'm already looking forward to next Halloween!! :)

  2. What an adorable Ariel family you had!! (better late than never) Costumes looked great, and so did the Ursela makeup :) We let the older one brave the weather and kept the little one inside (he didn't know the difference and we had already done a halloween thing the previous week).

    1. :) Thanks! When I walked in the room with that makeup on, the hubs did a double take!! Little Mister really enjoyed walking up to houses, he even tried to do it on a couple of our nightly walks!! I bet your little one will really enjoy it next year, weather permitting!!


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