November 6, 2013

Oh for the love of Chalkboard paint

I'm a little bit obsessed with chalkboard paint at the moment. So much so that the husband has officially asked me to stop decorating with the stuff (yeah right).  But you see, I've only ever bought one little pint of the stuff, and let me tell you, it has lasted.  I love the unexpected look of the black chalkboard paint.  It just gets to me, ya know?

It all started about two years ago when Little Miss was interested in playing with chalk.  But we don't have a paved driveway, so there was no where easy for her to draw.  Buy an easel? Sure, but where would we put it? Those things are BIG and take up a lot of space, space we didn't have back then (the basement was a dumping ground, but is now enjoyable).  Solution?  Paint the side of our very old white fridge.  Instant easel!

It's fantastic to have that chalkboard there.  We draw on it all the time and it would even entertain her while I was cooking dinner! This year I cleaned it up and added another coat of paint to it since there are now two little people attacking drawing on the fridge.  It has held up very well for the abuse it receives.
*side note, if you want to do this, I suggest using a magnetic primer like we did, it just makes sure the fridge is still magnetic after all those paint coats, which we've put on only three total now.*

 Need decorations for birthday parties or holidays? What better way than to use chalkboard paint?  Did you like that little advertisement? It's how I sell these projects to the hubs.  He doesn't always find me as amusing as I know you guys do.  Seriously though? Finding a picture frame for a dollar at the thrift store and adding chalkboard paint to the glass, instant chalkboard.  I've used this little blue one numerous times at parties, actually I think I've used it at EVERY party! I'm kind of sad that I only made one.  This little blue guy sits on my kitchen counter year round with fun sayings like 'kiss the cook' (I'm original like that ya'll).

and yes, we also are obsessed with foxes :)
My latest project was a kids craft table.  So excited to share that one with ya'll! I imagine the kids using this table until, oh, their little legs don't fit under it any longer.  (I'm not 100% happy with the color of the chairs, but we decided to use what color spray paint we had on hand instead of investing ANY money on this project).  Seriously, this was a completely free project.  Table was a hand me down, Lowe's is awesome in that they give out free paint samples at the beginning of each season, and we have a ton of weird colored spray paint already! Score!

I have visions of using this table at the holidays with each kids name on the back of the chair.  But that would mean having said holidays at my nevermind.  I made the table to sit in their playroom, but it takes up lots of space and the room is not that big.  So instead, its in the family part of the basement, near our "game table" (we don't play games yet, three year olds cheat) and my craft area, so it is a perfect craft area for the kids!

My newest and yet to be finished project also includes, drumroll please! Chalkboard paint!!! I cannot wait to show you! I am super excited about this project and it kind of kick starts another project that I've been too lazy to start yet! I'll show you the finished project on Friday so stay tuned!!

What all have you painted with chalkboard paint? Do you love it? Hate it? Tell me!


xo Stacie


  1. Did you know that you can turn any paint into chalkboard paint using powdered tile grout? Chalkboards in all colors! Look here:

    1. SHH!! Don't say that too loud or the hubs will find out! :) I'm thinking entire colored chalkboard walls for the kids playroom...... :)

  2. I love the back of the chairs being chalk paint. That's pretty cool! I can't wait to make a chalk table, too!

  3. Alissa you are awesome! had no idea (yes, Mrs. Fluff you are awesome too) :) i love everything chalkboard, just wish i had more time to craft with it


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