September 11, 2013

End of Summer Radish Dip

Around here, summer is holding on like Miley Cyrus is holding on to, well, you know what.  My favorite part of summer is sitting outside and munching on something yummy.  We prefer healthy foods around here but sometimes you just need a great dip.

This little radish dip is great.  It has just enough garlic in it to give it a kick, but not make your mate pass out when they kiss you.  Plus radishes are a vegetable.  I rest my case.

You can dip pretty much anything in this tasty treat.  We enjoy it with pretzels just because of the age of our kids, it is the easiest.  And nothing is easier than whipping up this dip, except maybe, nope, can't think of a single thing easier.

I hope where ever you are there is still a shred of summer left clinging like that ex-boyfriend that still Facebook messages you because he just. can't. let. go.  I know around here we are in full clinger mode.

xo Stacie

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