September 9, 2013

Five Year Anniversary gift ideas

Let me get all mushy on you for a second... Standing in a gazebo on the beach, with the wind whipping through my hair, I took the hands of the love of my life.  We each spoke our vows and forever dashed my hopes of being on the Bachelor.  In all seriousness, today is the hubs and my 5 year wedding anniversary.  I'm so thrilled to have been able to spend the last five years as his Mrs. and seriously (mushy alert) can not wait to grow old with this man.

  I'd say that day ranks up there as one of the best days of my life.  Which gives me a reason to blast this song for the thousandth time this week:


Anniversaries are major milestones in the divorce riddled world we reside in these days, so I say celebrate every chance you get.  A lot of people will hold traditions dear to their hearts and stick with the list (that I have no clue who came up with).  Five year gift ideas are a traditional wood, or a more modern silverware.  For a complete list of all gift traditions, you can go here.  

At first, when I read those, I thought, silverware? Seriously? If the hubs brings me a wrapped box of silverware from Target (because we have a Redcard so where else would we buy things?) I will be so upset.  Then I booted up good ol' Pinterest.  I love Pinterest.  You can search silverware anniversary gifts and it gives you pin after pin.

Here are a few examples of the more modern silverware gift idea.  Most I think are more geared towards the gifted being the wife, but you never know.

source here
source here

I must say, the silverware gifts are growing on me and I wouldn't mind one bit if the hubs did something like that.  For you women out there who know how to use a table saw (or Etsy and your credit card) the more traditional wood gift can be given on the fifth year.  Here, you can let your imagination run wild, like these creative people did on Pinterest.
Source here 
There were a lot of wine bottle holders on Pinterest, which kinda hints to me that by five years you've most likely had kids and developed a drinking problem.  I kid.  Sorta.  The wooden name signs made me smile and swoon and call my brother in law and ask if he had a way to make me one (he didn't, guess I'll have to get creative).  Check out these two finds from Etsy.
Source here 
Source here
There are a lot of different gift ideas out there for the big 5 year.  You could even save money and go small, like this one:
Source here
                               Or even this one:                 
source here
Either way you spend your five year anniversary, as long as you do it together, as a family, it will be special.  Giving gifts has become a whole lot easier with the creation of Pinterest, so just as long as you can get the husband to create an account and then use it, you're golden.  Me? I just print out what I want and tape them to his mirror.  I'm kidding, we share a mirror so I tape them to his underwear.

xo Stacie

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