September 16, 2013

Recipe: Pumpkin Muffins

You smell that?? **sniff** oh yeah, that's pumpkin in the air.  I almost felt like I had to do it this weekend.  The cool weather FINALLY made an appearance in our neck of the woods.  And who doesn't love pumpkin everything? (what? you don't?? please leave...I'm kidding!!) Actually to be 100% truthful, I've never jumped on the pumpkin bandwagon before this weekend.  Now, I love love love me some pumpkin pie, but coffee, cookies, bread, etc, I ran away screaming from never tried before.

So why make muffins if I don't even want to try them? Well, my sister told me I had to asked me nicely to.  But in all seriousness, once I tasted these muffins, um, yum!  Pumpkin everything lover over here. Plus, the house smelled soooooooooo good (Little Miss wouldn't even nap because she needed to know what smelled so good).

These muffins were super easy to make and I actually had all the ingredients on hand, except for the pumpkin stuff (which I guess is kinda a main ingredient huh?). But now that I have pumpkin pie spice in my house, Fall better watch its back, I'm gonna pumpkin everything.

I was nervous about how the chocolate chips and pumpkin would taste (pumpkin virgin over here, remember?) but BOY was I sad I only made half with the chocolate chips.  However, the Little Miss informed me that she only liked the ones with NO chocolate in them (don't worry, I quickly disowned her).  Since my children are known to lie to me, I asked the sister to taste test them also.  She has actually jumped on the whole "pumpkin my whole world" bandwagon and eaten pumpkin muffins before, so I did listen to her.  She was sad that I only let her have one chocolate chip muffin (because I hoarded the rest for myself), but agreed with the littles that "YUM" the muffins were good!

If you follow me on Instagram (you DO follow, right? Well, just in case, click here and follow!) then this photo probably looks familiar.  Had to send out a teaser to get your taste buds dancin!!

Ingredient list:

*If you would like a "how to" for making your own pumpkin pie spice, click here.


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I am a sucker for box cupcake mixes, but I hate seriously dislike trying to pour the batter into cupcake papers.  This pumpkin batter was great! It was just thick enough that you could easily spoon it into the tin.  And just thick enough that you could lick said spoon easily rinse said spoon off.  And I only had a couple of dishes too.  Like I mentioned earlier, IF Little Miss would of fallen asleep, these muffins would have been the perfect naptime baking treat.  Instead, she helped set up the fun photo shoot and then devoured the muffins afterwards.

So now that the weather is finally cool enough to be deemed Pumpkin worthy, take 40 mins out of your day and whip up a bunch of these muffins! Let me know, chocolate chips or plain?

Recipe found here.

xo Stacie

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  1. soooo yummy! I love fall and PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!


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