September 24, 2013

What to Wear: Fall Wedding

My wonderfully awesome cousin is getting married in Michigan in October.  Which means I'll either have to wear pants or shave my legs.....the jury's still out on that one.

As soon as I got the invitation, I immediately checked to see what the weather is like up north, because in my mind it is just always snowing in the north (yes, I know I was just up there in June and it was beautiful, hush).  Fall in Michigan is just about perfect, highs in the upper 60s but lows in low 40s.  So what to wear to a wedding is kinda tough to sort out.

If you are anything like me, most of your dresses are for the summer (because you are forced by society to shave your legs so wearing a dress is like a consolation prize for doing so).  I very rarely wear dresses in the fall/winter time, and so I don't own any.  *cue Pinterest!!

I love checking Pinterest for everything, and what to wear to a wedding is no exception.  Except, I usually can't afford the gorgeous outfits that people post on there (can you??).  And I'll admit it, ever since having kids, my clothes budget goes to them (I mean, it's hard to justify spending $50 on one dress for yourself when you can buy 12 dresses for a little girl with $50, it's crazy).  So I spent some time playing on Polyvore and came up with a couple of cute outfits for a fall wedding.

These first two are my "inspiration" outfits, meaning, I can't, won't, never will be able to afford the dress let alone the purse unless I don't feed my family for a month (or two).  BUT, I love to look at outfits and make them my own (with cheaper pieces or things from my own closet).

fall wedding

fall wedding

J Crew dress / C. Wonder leopard calf hair pumps / Flat / Dorothy Perkins metal cap toe pumps, $27 / Style & Co. style co handbag / Stella & Dot bezel set necklace

Those dresses.....swoon you guys! I would LOVE to own a dress that actually fits me well and looks that great.  BUT..... since I don't, and I'm forced to shop in the juniors section most of the time because I'm short enough to belong in Munchinland, here are a few more outfit choices that your wallet will also enjoy:

fall wedding

Forever 21 cocktail dress / Ponte blazer / Charlotte Russe leopard platform pumps / Forever 21 silver jewelry

*I realized afterwards that there is no purse for the above outfit, but if you have a date, just cram your stuff in his pockets like I do, or if the kids are invited then your diaper bag is purse enough for ya.

fall wedding

Purple lace dress / Charlotte Russe black mary jane pumps / Poppie Jones purse

Apparently I have a thing for lace and navy blue....might have to be what I wear.  You can't beat how cheap these dresses are.  The last one is $19!! Say whaaaaaa??? 

I'll post pictures after the wedding of what I choose to wear, hopefully it will be as awesome as these above.  

Enjoy and don't forget to PIN these outfits to use as references!
xo Stacie


  1. I LOVE that last dress! It is exactly what I am looking for for the wedding!!!

    1. Glad you like it! I love the price!

  2. can i pay you to come play dress up on me? lol love this and need more!!

    1. Well sure! You know I love dressing the kids up ;)


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