September 13, 2013

What to wear: Family Pictures

When I was out driving the other day I noticed some brown things on the ground.  At first I thought someone had thrown their trash in that poor person's yard (miscreants), but the closer I got, I realized they were fallen brown leaves.  Most likely they fell already due to the extreme heat we've had here (we haven't left the house in days).  But what does falling leaves mean? FALL FAMILY PHOTOS!

Nothing makes me happier than when my whole family matches for a picture.  Usually, there's at least one kid crying, one bored husband, one fake stressed smile (me) and one kid who most likely wandered off.

So to help plan our fall family photo last year we got in touch with Photography by Shannon.  Let me just say how AWESOME she is! Not only did we match (yes I most definitely sent her clothing ideas and she let me know which ones were hideous didn't match), but both kids were looking at the camera, at. the. same. time.

I successfully coerced emailed her, asking for tips for families wanting to capture memories in the fall time:

"If you have a photo session scheduled for September or October, here are some ideas on how to dress your family. If your session is early September before the leaves really start to change, bring the fall out in your clothing! 

Wear oranges, yellows, and maybe even a little bit of brown. Try to stay away from summer colors such as pink, green, or light blues. Once those leaves start to change, the last thing you want is to blend in with the background. You can still wear those orange and yellows proudly, just not all over your body. Try using an orange shirt with a brown jacket or throw on a yellow scarf. 

To really stand out try dark blues, purples, and dark shades of green. Have a family that can't agree on wardrobe? Give 2-3 color options and let them dress themselves. Try to sneak in a pop of one color in each outfit (maybe you have a gray scarf, your hubby wears a gray and blue shirt, and the kids have a gray hat, belt, necklace, jacket, etc). The key is to coordinate but not be matchy matchy. Let them help in the decision making and getting them to cooperate for photos will prove much easier!"

Her tips are great and very easy to do yourself.  Last year, while ignoring my children during naptime, I picked several outfits in the same color range and then laid them out on my bed and snapped pics with my phone.  It allowed me to see what we would potentially look like all together.  

And don't ever hesitate to bring backup outfits.  You never know if your outfit will clash with the nature outside, or if you have a super awesome photographer **COUGH Shannon COUGH** who will let you quickly change clothes and snap a few more.  Nothing makes a photographer happier than when they get THAT shot, that perfect photo (plus they know you will likely buy it). 

Shannon of Photography by Shannon is one of the best photographers I have had the pleasure of working with (and no, she didn't pay me to say that either).  She truly enjoys what she does and it shows in every picture she takes.  Follow her on Facebook here and give her a call, she books up fast!!

xo Stacie

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