September 18, 2013

Get your Fall on

I look around on Pinterest and other blogs quite a bit for inspiration in my own home.  Then I quickly remember I'm low on funds poor and try to make decorations with what I have at hand already.  This year was no joke.  I spent about $4 total on my fall decorations so far (trust me, I'm never done).

Free acrons, handmade wooden pumpkins from leftover wood, and a thrift store pumpkin.  Yup, fall is in the house! We don't have a fireplace, so no mantle.  And my entryway is table-less due to said poorness so I instead use my kitchen table to house my fall decor.

You may have seen the glitter'd pumpkin on Instagram (I'm tellin ya, you need to follow! It's good times all around).  I found her at a thrift store for a little more than a dollar (people always price weird around here), and decided while she was perdy, she needed a little extra glamour in her life, like Cher, way past her prime, but still rockin that eye makeup.  All I did here folks was wrap painters tape around  in a semi (I eyeballed it, I'm professional like that) straight line.  Under the tape I sloshed tons of rubber craft glue (because that's all I had and the kids were in bed already) and then quickly tossed professionally shook gold glitter all over the glue.  Once I was done adding as much glam as I could (you can never "over do it" with glitter, unless you are on Toddlers and Tiaras, then just stop. just. stop.), and here's the trick to glitter--HAIRSPRAY it!!!  Yup, you read that right, hairspray that glitz on!

These guys over here, yeah SUPER easy!! And best part of all, free! Unless you don't have 2x4s laying around the basement like we do.  If you need some, just let me know...we have plenty, especially after our latest project that you will hopefully see next week on the blog (hint: it has to do with 2x4s).

All I used was some craft acrylic paint in orange and black (because I didn't have brown and once again the kids were in bed-see a pattern?), and I just painted until I got a color I liked.  The stems are seriously sticks from my yard!!! Yea, I know!! Green wire I found in the garage are my "vines" and twine just adds a little extra oomph.

These puppies were super easy to make and I hope everyone makes some.  The hubs exact words were "you made these? The look like something you'd pay money for!"  (Made my day!)

If you seriously do not have 2x4s lying around and want to make these pumpkins, Lowe's will cut down wood for you if you bat your eyelashes and ask nicely (or show a little leg, can't hurt).

Little extra touches were some free acorns that I forced pretended was a game and had the kids pick up out of the yard and threw in an old spaghetti sauce jar (I washed it first, for once).  And the little real pumpkins I picked up at Wal-Mart for about $3 (my biggest expense).

I plan on adding more decor as soon as the kids go to sleep and I can make more.  Look for a pinecone glitter'd garland.... oh yeah, the hubs is gonna enjoy that one I tell ya!

xo Stacie

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