September 4, 2013

That's what she said

My daughter is three.  I think that pretty much sums up what goes on at our house every day.  The whining, the crying, the thinking of new ways to torture her brother (what, don't lie, your older kids did it to the younger ones too, no? lucky you).  There is always something going on here and it is never constant with her.

We went on a bike ride tonight (yes I told you yesterday that it's a nightly thing, they don't let me forget, even when I hide in the closet), and over the course of the circle that we live on we experienced a rainbow of emotions.  We laughed, we cried, we whined, we fell off our bike (but didn't cry then, no she's tough like that), we pouted when our friends passed us up because we had to stop for the 100th time in a minute.  But it's fun, really, it is (although I'm pretty sure my exact words at the end of the walk were, "I think I need a drink").  The BEST part about a three year old, what comes out of that mouth (unless she's got the stomach virus, then I'm back to hiding in the closet).

I started writing down the funny things she says (totally lying to you, but I plan on writing them down from now on). So for now, here are a few tidbits I found in various text messages and on good ol' facebook:

Me-  "Do you want chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast"
    Her- "Well, yeah, but how bout I just eat the chocolate chips?"

Friend- "You look just like your momma"
    Her-"IT'S NOT FAIR!!"

This is my favorite most recent, also occurring on a bike ride (yes we ride that bike way too much, tell me about it).  We came up to a little girl slightly older than Little Ms. Fluff and so she stopped her bike and asked, "Hi, what's your name?" The little girl promptly ran off, to which Little Ms. Fluff shrugged her shoulders and said to me "must be really shy" and rode on.  A second later, she stops and screams to the girl "I'LL NEVER GIVE UP!!!"  I think I peed my pants that night.

So my point tonight is to embrace the weirdness, because one day she's gonna hate you for putting that picture of her on the internet ;)

xo Stacie


  1. And don't forget the other day when I asked if she liked school and she replied, "I like dolphins."

  2. Yes, she cracks me up!! and i live to take as many embarrasing photos of my kids for their future girlfriends. :)

    1. Oh I can't wait to pull out the embarrassing photos!!


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