September 20, 2013

Project: Kid Friendly Pine Cone Garland

Keeping in the fall decor spirit, today we created a pinecone garland.  What better way to show off Fall than more FREE decor?? If you missed my last post on Fall decor for less than $5 you can check it out here.  Making a pine cone garland is pretty simple, just tie some pine cones on a string and ta-da, you're done!! BUT, if you want to jazz up your pine cones, just ask your kids to help.  That's right, hand your kid a paint brush and a pine cone and let 'em git at it (sorry, my southern redneck was showing there a bit).

A sober adult could knock this project out of the ballpark in about 10 mins (30 if you want to wait for the paint to dry).  So if you want a craft project to last double time, just ask your kids to help.  I'm kidding, I actually really enjoy doing crafty things with Little Miss.  And I can't wait for Little Mister to stop eating the art supplies so he can join us in the fun (I'm not exaggerating either, he's just at that age still where colorful things taste the best).

Supplies needed for this quick but fun project:

Pine cones (as many as you want, we actually painted too many)
craft paint (we used acrylic)
poly brushes worked the best but any paint brush will do
painters tape for the littles to stay in the lines
we glitterfied some pine cones so we used rubber glue and glitter!

Seriously, just tape off some pine cones (if you want them all to look similar, if not, let em loose), and hand them a paint brush.  We took turns at my house, she had one color and I had the other.  If I didn't have a slight case of OCD, I would have left her cones alone, but instead I went back over them for an even amount of color (trust me, otherwise some pine cones would only have one little leaf[?] colored, so I did you a favor).

We let them dry for the rest of the day (mainly because she forgot about them and Little Mister woke up), so I hung them up after everyone went to bed.  That's also my excuse for the poor quality of pictures.

This little craft was fun and FREE and you can't beat that with a ten inch stick.

xo Stacie

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